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    Collection of only the best audio converters, rippers, editors, recorders, burners, text to speech, video encoders, decoders, DVD rippers, DVD burners, image batch converters and editors, and more.

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  • CtxAdmTools

    Online resource with helpful downloadable automation tools and utilitities for server administrators managing corporate ActivieDirectory installations, large Citrix product deployments, Azure and Amazon AWS instances and other cloud services. The most populare utilities - AD Group Members, AD User Info, CtxAnalyzer, CtxDiscovery and CtxFarmInventory, Azure VM Upload.

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  • Jonas Construction Software | Full Project Management Solution for Construction Companies

    Jonas Construction Software provides full construction management solutions, with project and service management that is completely integrated with accounting and reporting back office components.

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  • Eurodata AG | Smart Services solutions

    Eurodata AG provides business clients with Smart Services software - an innovative solution for business process management and automation. Whether it comes to claims management, outage management, incident management, risk management or audit-proof archiving clients can trust Smart Services to improve the administration of digital documents and guarantees data archiving which is tamper-proof but allows database-type searches. Visit the website to find out more about Eurodata AG IT solutions.

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  • Fujitsu Glovia Inc.

    A manufacturing enterprise resource planning software vendor based in El Segundo, Calif., with international operations in The Netherlands, Japan and United Kingdom. The company offers on-premise and cloud-based ERP manufacturing software under the GLOVIA G2 brand, and software as a service (SaaS) under the brand GLOVIA OM. The company's ERP software comprises more than 70 ERP modules, including manufacturing management, supplier management, customer management and financial management.

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